DISK Theatre – performance ADA with English subtitles

On 31th October at 7.30 PM you'll have the unique opportunity to watch our performance ADA with English subtitles. A performace created by students from KALD DAMU and loosely inspired by the personality of Ada Lovelace.

A poetic salon is transformed under the lens of an algorithm and becomes a mind map. Longing for knowledge. Thirst for recognition. A performance about how the love of science and machines influences our perception of our surroundings. About the thin line between the worlds of science and poetry. A mathematical principle manifests itself as a character trait, and an algorithm modulates into a musical score. Charming calculus – machines with intuition – exact beauty. 

An invitation to a salon; a party where the rational turns poetic and the intuitive becomes exact.

Tickets booking: disk@divadlodisk.cz, +420 234 244 254


23. říjen 2018