Vratislav Zochr, composition graduate, Music and Dance faculty

The trajectories of our life and career journeys can be straightforward, or they can be convoluted, with many sharp turns, nooks and crannies, and detours along the way. The changes and challenges that life has in store for us can be great. What matters most is that they eventually lead to a happy and fulfilled life – and not just in career terms. The following stories of personalities from among AMU graduates illustrate this statement.

Vratislav Zochr graduated from HAMU in composition. He is a guitar player. You can also encounter him at sea, sailing a yacht in the captain rank. And you can peek into the universe with him at the Štefánik Observatory in Prague’s Petřín. “I want to finally start recording my album, which I’ve been preparing for several years now. There is also an opportunity to join a newly forming band as a guitar player. We’ll see. Though I currently live alternately in Italy and in Moravia, I haven’t terminated my employment with the Petřín observatory. I guess I’ll have to pop in there soon to stay in shape,” Vratislav recounts his working plans for the nearest future. He thinks all his jobs and activities enrich each other, even though he cannot think of an immediate relation. “I am quite content knowing that all (or almost all) of your experience in life is eventually reflected in art in one way or another. For instance, I left for the Alps this past winter, setting up and repairing skis and snowboards under the pretext of improving my Italian. I don’t dare to say what musical forms wax, sander, or screwdriver will morph into one day,” he says with a a hyperbole. Does he think the old saying, “Cobbler, stick to your last”, is still relevant today? “With all due respect for the wisdom behind that proverb, I don’t see a reason why a skilled cobbler couldn’t stick to his last with one hand while using his other hand to graft cactuses or calibrate a telescope. It’s always about how many things you can concentrate on,” he replies, adding that he would like to harness the element of air, in addition to water (his yachting activities) and earth that he treads during long and fast walks. “I plan on getting a pilot licence for a paraglide. To me, true bliss is when I can still add to the varied range of my interests,” he explains. So, what is the most fun part of it all? “Why, it’s that when you stop enjoying one thing, you can start doing another!” concludes Vratislav.

19. July 2023