Rector’s Recommendation Regarding the Spread of Coronavirus

With reference to the decision of the state authorities (Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic here, National Security Council here), the administration of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague provides information on the below mentioned measures. Their aim is to protect public health in connection with the spreading of the coronavirus disease.

  1. All classes are being cancelled from 11 March 2020 and the students and attendees are banned from attending any lectures or courses regardless of their type of education. We recommend that after the decision of the deans of the individual faculties, the studies are substituted, when possible, with distant education (individual online consultations, webinars, online discussion groups and so on). These forms should be used to such a degree that the character of the studies at performing art academy allows.
  2. Academic and expert staff will attend their employment based on the instructions issued by their immediate superiors. Other employers will, in compliance with the instruction of their immediate superiors, ensure operation of the workplace during the course of the emergency measures. Employees who are facing complex family situations in connection with the closure of elementary schools, can work from home under the accord of their immediate superior.
  3. All faculty libraries will be closed from 11 March  2020. The measures mentioned in point 2) apply to all library employees.
  4. The earlier announced measures and recommendations, mainly concerning the departure and arrival of people from abroad, are still valid.
  5. We ask all employees and students to regularly check the latest information on the website and social networks of the Academy of Performing Arts and check their email inboxes daily.

All measures are valid until further notice. All related matters are being addressed.

10. March 2020