Rector declares State of Emergency

Dear Colleagues, Dear Students,

The current situation is completely new to us all. An art school lives by personal encounters, immediate communication between students and teachers, creative work of student groups and artistic productions. Considering the current situation, this mode of operation will unfortunately not be possible for a period of time.

I am hereby declaring a state of emergency and ordering a home office mode of operation to be adopted by all those whose presence is not crucial for running the principal agendas of the Academy of Performing Arts. I am asking both students and teachers to duly consider the seriousness of the situation and, during the state of emergency, to stop all modes of contact teaching at school - which is obvious - as well as any and all individual consultations outside the premises of the school.

I am asking the Deans to postpone the admission tests until revocation.

I would ask that we all take this situation as a challenge. Let us put our experience and creativity to use and seek new avenues of distance learning. Let us employ a multitude of on-line tools and create together a type of distance learning that we will enjoy.

To that end, we will give you methodological guidance, offering suggestions and tools to facilitate encounters in the virtual space. This can help us in developign transferable knowledge and skills that we will be able to put to use under more favourable circumstances in the future.

Let me end by paraphrasing a UK motivational slogan from World War II:

Keep Calm and Carry On Studying.

Let us all keep calm and carry on studying.
Yours sincerely

Jan Hančil

16. March 2020