The Rector’s Word on the Ordinance of the Prague Sanitary Authority Regarding the Instruction at Universities with Effect from 21 September 2020

Dear Colleagues and Students,

You are certainly aware of the Ordinance of the Prague Sanitary Authority No. 12/2020 LINK that prohibits the personal presence of students during instruction at universities in Prague with effect from 21 September, 00:00 am to 31 October 2020 11:59 pm. With regard to the necessity of securing instruction in programmes that cannot be taught in the distance mode, and with regard to the low degree of risk, the prohibition of personal presence does not apply to:

In effect, instruction at AMU continues subject to the observance of the aforementioned restrictions. The Deans shall determine, on the basis of information provided to theM by the Heads of Departments, which subjects can be taught in the distance mode and which (artistic) subjects require presence instruction. Hence, it is possible to continue the scheduled state final examinations, admission tests and other activities subject to the observance of sanitary precautions. The same applies to the meetings of academic bodies whose activity is indispensable for the operation and academic self-government of the school. Considering the current situation, I hereby cancel my recommendation to the effect that the nomination of candidates for the Rector and Dean elections should take the presence form only. Also, with effect from 21 September to 31 October 2020, state final examinations may be conducted in the distance mode, as the case has been in programmes with instruction in a foreign language.

For precise instructions, please follow the ordinances of the Deans of the individual Faculties and the methodological instruction from the Vice-Rector for Student Affairs.

Associate Professor Jan Hančil
Rector of AMU


21. September 2020