AMU teachers win Thalia Awards for their lifelong contribution to art

The Thalia Awards were bestowed online this year. An improvised evening anchored by the President of the Actors’ Association Ondřej Kepka was broadcast from the BEA Channel studio in Olomouc. In addition to announcing the individual categories, the organisers also gave awards without nominations.

Professor Jaroslav Vostrý, a co-founder of the legendary Drama Club (Činoherní klub) and a long-term teacher at the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague won the Czech Academy of Theatre Art Award this year. Jaroslav Vostrý is both a playwright and a dramaturge, a theatre director and a journalist, a theatre historian, theorist and teacher and, most importantly, a co-founder of a Czech theatre where he has been working for sixty years. He held the position of the Rector of Amu from 1993 to 1995. Subsequently, he founded the research Institute for the Theory and History of Creation in Scenic Arts at DAMU whose results can be found in 60 titles issued in the Disk edition. The Senate of the Czech Republic bestowed its Silver Memorial Medal on him for his lifelong contribution to Czech Culture in 2013.

Cameraman Josef Špelda remotely received a Thalia Award for spreading theatre art via television on Saturday. Aside from graduating from the Film and TV School in Cinematography, he has been a teacher there for many years. Josef Špelda worked at Czechoslovak TV until its winding-up in 1992, then worked at Czech TV. His resume includes several dozen theatre titles immortalised through the lens of his camera. He also worked on the Saturnin series and on Milenci a vrazi (Lovers and Murderers). He received the Annual Award from the Czech Cinematographer Academy for the film Zastřený hlas (Muted Voice) in 2007.


16. November 2020