Changes in Hartig Palace – card-operated entry (ISIC, ITIC)

With effect from July 2021, we are launching an access control system in selected areas using employee and student cards in the Hartig Palace (in a test mode of operation for the time being).

The opening ours in the Hartig Palace (“HP”) are 8:00 am – 4:30 pm.

The lift in HP can be used (called) from the ground floor (reception desk) only with an employee card or a student card; the lift operates without restrictions between different floor levels and when going to the reception desk. If you have no card (if you forget it or if you leave it at the reception desk when you borrow keys to classrooms), the reception desk personnel will call the lift for you or lend you a visitor card to use.

The entrance from the ground floor to the HP staircase and the entrance to the yard towards the mail room and the classrooms at Tržiště 20 is open without restrictions for the time being; the activation of card-operated entry system will be announced in good time.

Tomáš Langer, Ph.D.

8. July 2021