Rector’s measure regarding the operation and functioning of the Academy of performing arts in Prague effective from 19 February 2022

Further to the applicable measures of the Ministry of Health in effect from 19 February 2022, the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague will operate as follows:

I. Respiratory protection
Employees, students, third-party employees, and all visitors to AMU are required to wear a respiratory mask or similar equipment on the premises of AMU except when they are alone in the room. This requirement does not apply to students during all contact instruction, provided that fewer than 50 of them are present at one time, and to teachers during instruction whose nature does not allow for wearing a respirator (subjects aimed at developing psychosomatic condition, acting, singing, playing wind instruments, and physical education), provided that they maintain a distance of at least 1.5 metres from others. In addition, this measure does not apply to the examiners and examinees during examination if all the persons maintain distances of at least 1.5 metres.

In other subjects, teachers may teach without respirators only if they have completed vaccination and at least 14 days have expired since the latest dose as per the vaccination scheme; unvaccinated teachers are obligated to wear FFP2 respirators.

Students exercising their practice, hands-on classes, and/or practical preparation at the workplaces of other legal entities or natural persons, shall observe the rules applicable to the employees of such workplaces.

II. Testing and accommodation in dormitories
The measure on the testing of employees and other persons and the measure on the accommodation of persons in dormitories, adopted further to the applicable measures of the Ministry of Health, are discontinued with effect from 19 February 2022 further to the changes made by the Ministry of Health during the course of February.

Ingeborg Radok Žádná, m.p.


17. February 2022