Vazivo: opencall for interschool project Vazivo! Zlomvaz 2022 (deadline 13. 3. 2022)

On behalf of the producers of this year's Zlomvaz festival with the subtitle WELLNESS, I would like to invite you to a networking project called Vazivo. It is an interschool project for students of AMU, JAMU and VŠMU, which will run from March to June 2022 and will culminate at the Zlomvaz festival (8-11 June 2022). More information can be found in the opencall (link below).

Perhaps in all art schools, the low level of collaboration between disciplines and schools has always been addressed. One of the aims of Zlomvaz festival is to foster these links, but it still doesn't seem enough... We really want to get to know each other and try to create together! That's why this year the project Vazivo is being created. Vazivo (ligament in English) as the most common type of connective tissue, vazivo as a link between AMU + JAMU + VŠMU, Vazivo as a special event of Zlomvaz.  

The project is open to students of any discipline and study programme of the above mentioned schools - through the currently open OPENCALL. The deadline for applications is 13 March 2022.

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We look forward to seeing you there,



3. March 2022