Waste audit at AMU and its results

The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague considers the issue of environmental sustainability to be of key importance and one that AMU and society in general will have to address in the future. Waste management is an essential part of sustainability efforts, and AMU intends to pay attention to it systematically in the upcoming years with the objective of reducing its own environmental impact.

AMU underwent a comprehensive waste audit in early 2022. CIRA Advisory, an external provider focusing on circular economy, audited our organisation. Using a system of methods and analyses, AMU obtained a detailed insight into the current state of its facilities in terms of waste, water, energy, and operation. Specific objectives, priorities and recommendations geared towards protecting the environment while reducing operating costs were defined on the basis of the analysis results.

The AMU Waste Management Strategy is being drafted using the results of the waste audit, and it will include a schedule and specific action plan for achieving AMU’s vision of becoming an organisation that is sustainable in the long-term perspective and applies the principles of circular economy. The Waste Management Strategy builds on the information obtained from the comprehensive waste audit and the recommendations drawn after its completion.

We are already taking the initial steps aimed at reducing the amount of waste generated at AMU. We will release more information soon.

The project is implemented with the financial support of the City of Prague.

5. May 2022