Results of the supplementary special election

The supplementary special election for one vacant place in the student chamber of Academic Senate of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (“AS AMU”) for the Music and Dance Faculty was held on 1 and 2 March 2023. The election was held electronically.

The election panel declares that the election was held properly, regularly and in accordance with the Election Rules of AS AMU. A total 112 ballots were submitted and election turnout was 19,24%

Election results
HAMU – student chamber
1. Hynek Hradecký (48 votes)

Barbora Koťová (30 votes)
Markéta Labusová (25 votes)
Jana Orlická (9 votes)

Congratulation to Mr. Hradecký!

Václav Janeček
Chair of the AS AMU election panel

3. March 2023