FAMUFEST presents last year's FAMU student screenings and offers a rich accompanying programme

FAMUFEST is a multi-genre film festival, which is held annually by students of the Film and TV faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. Festival allows viewers outside of FAMU to see the latest student works. It also addresses the cultural publicity with the intention of introducing new talents that will co-create the future of Czech cinematography, television production, photography and other media. The 35th student film festival is going to be held from 6th to 10th November 2018.

The theme for this year, BRIDGES, should highlight the main ideas of FAMUFEST. The bridge connects - both physically and figuratively. Bridge is a key building in the entire social context - by building the bridge we create new paths between two different elements. History has been written on bridges, they are related to legends, they are places of fights. Bridge as an architectural element, which must be perfectly functional, but also with aesthetic demands. The bridge stands on pillars, all of which must be flawless. Similarly, not only the production of the film, but also the festival. When one part fails, the whole is adversely affected. The whole festival follows the theme of connecting various elements during all its individual parts. We would like to celebrate the 35th year of FAMUFEST as a celebration of the diversity and the impossibility of engraving. We want to show how the symbiosis of film, illustration, photography and other media series works. The festival is a place to connect artists across different disciplines.

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2. November 2018