The second part of MIDPOINT TV Launch 2019 program has successfully started this week within Finále Plzeň Film Festival

The second workshop of MIDPOINT TV Launch 2019 runs within the 32nd Finále Plzeň Film Festival. This "idea-to-market" project development program focuses on the development of high-quality TV series and web series. The program is organized by MIDPOINT: an international training and networking platform for film and TV development that operates under the auspices of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

One of its core programs is TV Launch whose second workshop is taking off now. This program consists of three residential workshops spanning over 9 months. The first workshop was held last year in Slovakia. The final workshop with a project showcase will be held in August 2019 in cooperation with its partner, Sarajevo Film festival and its industry platform CineLink Drama.

TV Launch program is aimed at creative teams (writer and producer, director) who are developing their TV or web series project. At the same time, the program is offering training for TV or film professionals aspiring to work as TV development executives.
The workshops activities include script analysis, creative writing time as well as lectures and consultations aimed at creative production.

The second workshop will run from April 11 to April 15, 2019 in Pilsen in partnership with Finále Plzeň. A busy program, parts of which are opened to industry guests of Finále Plzeň Film Festival, was prepared for the participants from the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania and Cyprus.
Apart from the core lecturers such as Gabor Krigler (Creative Executive HBO Europe), Maggie Murphy (creative producer and consultant), Sullivan LePostec (digital series creator) a Steve Matthews (VP Executive Producer, Drama Development at HBO Europe ), the program will welcome several guest tutors, such as the Danish director Rumle Hammerich (TV series Most), Croatian producer Nebojsa Taraba or Dutch producer and distribution expert Marike Muselaers, German writer and producer Kirsten Loose and Slovakian pitching trainer Michaela Sabo.

List of open lectures:

April 11  / 12 pm – 1 pm / Měšťanská beseda / Primator Salon
Rumle Hammerich: SHARED VISION - Working in the Creative Triangle

April 11 / 2 pm – 3 pm / Měšťanská beseda / Primator Salon
Steve Matthews: So You've Written a Great Pilot...

April 12 / 9 am - 9.45 am/ Měšťanská beseda / Primator Salon
Nebojsa Taraba: FORGING SERIES - The Life In Episodes

April 14 / 10 am – 11 am / Měšťanská beseda / Primator Salon​
Marike Muselaers: Start Up & Enter the TV Market

April 15 / 10 am – 11 am / Měšťanská beseda / Primator Salon​
Kirsten Loose: Finding the Right Partners - A Guide to Financing and Distribution for Web Series

April 15 / 15.00 - 15.45 / Měšťanská beseda / Primator Salon​
Michaela Sabo: Make Your Pitch Custom-Made

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11. April 2019