AMU Interfaculty Student Competition (Call 2023)

Results of the interfaculty competition


Further to clause 2(1) of Rector’s Decree No. 12/2022, I am hereby announcing the call for the AMU Internal Interfaculty Competition for 2023. The Interfaculty Competition is focused on encouraging cooperation between Faculties, fostering student initiative, drive and the ability to succeed, and supporting projects with both national and international reach and encouraging the rise of student groupings that are analogues of start-up business in the art environment.

The special-purpose support will be divided between the individual projects from the Strategic Management Support Programme in 2023. The maximum amount of funds allocated to a project is CZK 150,000.

The rules of the AMU Interfaculty Competition are governed by Rector’s Decree No. 12/2022.

  1. The AMU Interfaculty Competition is intended for all students of accredited programmes at AMU, whether full-time or combined, including past the standard period of study.
  2. The requirement for eligibility is that students from at least two Faculties of AMU must be involved in the project. Advantages in terms of project evaluation can include the involvement of all three Faculties of AMU, a project’s international reach, or its sustainability.
  3. The project’s main researchers are required to submit draft projects in the Czech or English language (using a form available for completion on the competition website) via e-mail to by 31 January 2023.
  4. In the draft, the applicants shall state the name of the project guarantor who will provide methodological and professional guidance during the project and assist with planning the individual project steps. The project guarantor must be an academic worker of AMU.
  5. The draft project must include:

    a) Project title;
    b) Month and year of project commencement and month and year of project completion;
    c) Information about the project researcher (first name, surname, Faculty, field, year of study) and the names of other persons involved in the project;
    d) Information about the project guarantor (name, Department, Faculty);
    e) Brief project annotation (project plan, project objective and the method for achieving the objective; scope and reasoning for the involvement of the students from individual Faculties);
    f) Output and benefits for the development of AMU/Faculty/field;
    g) Budget.
  6. This Interfaculty Competition can support both individual and team projects with date of project completion no later than 31 December 2023.
  7. Interfaculty Competition schedule:
  • 1 December 2022    competition call
  • 31 January 2023    application deadline
  • By 15 February 2023    meeting of the interfaculty cooperation evaluation panel
  • By 28 February 2023    publication of results and start of project work
  • By 31 December 2023    completion of the projects

Applicants can find detailed rules of the Interfaculty Competition in Rector’s Decree No. 12/2022. For more questions, applicants can contact: Gabriela Jirátová, tel.: 234 244 514,

Committee for Interfaculty Student Competition

Prof. Jan Hančil, AMU (Vice-Rector, Chair)
Mgr. Helena Arenbergerová, AMU (dance)
Mgr. Petr Bilík, Ph.D., external member (film)
BcA. Rozálie Brožková, AMU (student)
Doc. Igor Františák, Ph.D., external member (music)
MgA. Viktorie Schmoranzová, Ph.D. (theatre)
Mgr. Zdeněk A. Tichý, external member (theatre)


Prof. Mgr. MgA. Jan Hančil
Vice-Rector for International Relationships, Artistic Activities and Graduate and Public Relations