Projects may be financed or co-financed from public sources, specifically through targeted funding from the provider’s budget chapter, from other public sources and from non-public funding sources (foreign sources, non-public domestic sources). In practice, these are mostly financed through subsidies from the operational programmes, targeted subsidies from the subsidy programmes of individual ministries and financial contributions from their funds, as well as financial contributions from central state administrative bodies, basic and higher territorial administrative authorities, grants from state agencies, and contributions from foundations, endowment funds and private entities.

Research is funded in the Czech Republic from public sources through institutional support and targeted support. In the case of institutional support, funds are transferred directly to the institution’s account; targeted support is provided mainly through grants awarded to a specific project on the basis of a competition. The Czech Science Foundation (GAČR) evaluates projects in basic research and supports them in a targeted manner from public funds. The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TAČR) centralises state support for applied research and development.